Minister of Labor Meets President of University of Tripoli

Thursday, February 14, the President of the University of Tripoli, Prof. Nabil Enattah, accompanied with the Vice President of Community Service, Prof. Faidi Al-Murabit, and the Secretary General of the University of Tripoli, Tawfiq Kamuka, met with the Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation, Dr. Milad Al-Mahdi, in the presence of the Ministry’s advisor, Abdullah Al-Nwaisry, and Director of the Information Office, Rabi'a Ammar.

Prof. Enattah began by extending his thanks and gratitude for the warm reception and then opened the discussion by touching on the rapid and advanced development in all areas of technology, especially in the field of informatics and the Internet. He stated that the University of Tripoli finds itself required to follow these developments, and is keen to follow up them in order to spread awareness of administrative, banking, legal and technical sciences.

Enattah stressed the importance of developing awareness about educating, training and qualifying Libyan cadres in line with the great development in the areas of technology. The two parties agreed to cooperate and train all those interested in those areas. They agreed to provide scientific support and assistance to institutions and individuals. They would also work on organizing and holding training activities for employees, teaching assistants and faculty members (courses - seminars - workshops - conferences) in the legal, economic, administrative, technical and media aspects, human resource development and medical engineering fields.

The two parties will participate in preparing the scientific materials. The Research and Studies Center at the University Tripoli will do this in cooperation with training experts at the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation.