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The Faculty of Economics and Political Science is was established in 1981 in the University of Tripoli. At the beginning, it was a department under the name ‘Department of Economics’, then it was officially renamed the ‘Faculty of Economics and Political Science’ in 1991. It includes nine scientific departments: Department of Economics, Department of Accounting, Department of Business Administration, Department of Finance and Banking, Department of Financial Planning, Foundation Department, Department of Marketing and E-Commerce, Department of Statistics and Econometrics and Department of Political Science. The Faculty also includes a number of master's programs in business administration, accounting, economics, political science, marketing and e-commerce, in addition to doctoral programs in Business Administration.

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Bachelor - E-commerce and data analysis

The Department of Electronic Commerce is one of the latest disciplines. The department was established in the year 2000, which came to meet the requirements...

Bachelor - Business Management

Business Administration aims to provide the student with the ability to employ the knowledge and skills required to occupy administrative positions,...

Master - accounting

The Accounting program offers an in-depth study of business accounting and finance. It includes the study of accounting theory and applications, accounting...


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faculty of Economy has more than 318 academic staff members

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Prof. Attia Abdulwahed Salem Salem

Dr. Attia Ben Salem is a faculty member in the Department of Business Administration, College of Economics and Political Science. Dr. Attia works at the University of Tripoli and his degree is professor and has many scientific publications in his field of specialization.


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