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Bachelor - Accounting

The lowest practice was granted to the Accounting Department in 1991, and the date of actual study commencement in the general university program: 1991/1992 AD. The Bachelor of Accounting program is an integrated program implemented through a plan of study that extends over the course of 8 semesters...

Master - accounting

The Accounting program offers an in-depth study of business accounting and finance. It includes the study of accounting theory and applications, accounting rules and various theoretical frameworks for advanced investments and financial management. It also includes the study of tax accounting, international...


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Accounting Department has more than 64 academic staff members

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Mohamed Abulgasem Salem Yakhalef

Dr. Mohamed Yakalhef is an Assistant Professor and accomplished author enjoying an international reputation for a diverse background in accounting principles. He has a PhD in Accounting from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. He has a gained a broad and varied experience in accounting and auditing throughout his career. After he completed his PhD, Dr Mohamed worked as the Director of the Investment Department at the National Investment Company (NIC), Libya. He has worked on many academic research projects, publishing three books and presenting papers around the world. Dr Yakalhef is a member of the Libyan Accountants and Auditors Association, a strong communicator, highly fluent in English.