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The Faculty of Law was established by a decision issued by the former General People's Committee for Education on the establishment of the Nasser International University in 1986. However, it became independent in 1994 and was attached the Faculties of the University of Tripoli.


The alumni of the Faculty of Law since its establishment reached 7493 students. This number includes graduates of masters and PhD programs – more than fifteen doctoral theses and almost three hundred and eighty-one master's theses in various disciplines. The Faculty has over 84 staff members with various degrees and scientific specializations, 46 teaching assistants, and almost 48 postgraduate students who have been awarded scholarships to do doctoral theses.


The Faculty adopts a semester-based system of study, which consists of 16 weeks to finish. Each academic year consists of two semesters (Fall and Spring). Students graduate according to the timeframe set by the faculty in eight semesters.


Students take mid-term and final exams for each semester. The mid-term consists of 40 marks and the final exam consists of 60 marks. The average of the total mark that students obtain will determine their pass or fail status as per the stipulated procedures outlined in the General Regulations for Study and Examinations. Students need to pass eight semesters to be granted BA in Law.


The Faculty also grants masters and PhD degrees – according to the conditions and mechanisms described in this guide – in the various departments including Department of Criminal Law, Department of Islamic Sharia, Department of Public Law, and Department of Private Law.


The program of undergraduate studies is theoretical and organizational that is based on distributing the intended courses of study which fall within the scope of each department. Each department defines the course description as well as the elective courses. It makes decisions regarding the requests of teaching assistants and faculty members. The Department decides the need and the faculty’s capability of opening specialized degrees in higher education.  


The Faculty of Law has recently opened a new branch in the city of Janzour for students in Janzour and its suburbs. This is to spare them the trouble of commuting to and from the main campus in Tripoli.


The Faculty publishes a scientific refereed journal called the "Law Journal", in which researches and scientific studies in law and Islamic law are published. It always welcomes all researchers from all over the world to send their manuscripts to the journal for publication. Further, the Criminal Law Department issues an electronic refereed scientific journal that began in 2017. 

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عدنان الشاهري هو احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم الجنائي بكلية القانون طرابلس. يعمل بجامعة طرابلس كـمحاضر مساعد منذ 4.11.2021 .


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استعمال عدسات المراقبة في الأماكن العامة

تعاظم الإحساس بقيمة الصورة وأهميتها و تعددت استخداماتها في شتى مجالات الحياة اليومية، ووصفت حضارة القرن العشرين بأنها حضارة الصورة image’l de Civilisation .فالصورة تنقل الواقع كما هو عليه بكل دقة مما تعجز عنه عين الإنسان احيانا. ودخول التكنولوجيا و تطور الوسائل والتقنيات دفعت الإنسان إلى إدخال الصورة في تطوير وسائل حماية حياته، فبعد كلب الحراسة أو الحارس البشري أُضيفت وسائل أخرى للدعم والتدعيم، وجاءت عدسات المراقبة أو ما يعرف بالاعين الإلكترونية كواحدة من هذه الوسائل..
خلود علي العربي الساعدي(6-2021)
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شرح قانون العقوبات الليبي القسم الخاص

شرح قانون العقوبات الليبي القسم الخاص جرائم الإعتداء على الأموال arabic 70 English 0
أبوبكر أحمد محمد الأنصاري(6-2013)
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نظرة في محاولات إعادة التوازن في النظام الإجرائي الجنائي

نظرة في محاولات إعادة التوازن في النظام الإجرائي الجنائي arabic 105 English 0
الهادي علي يوسف أبوحمرة(10-2018)
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