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Faculty of Medical Technology has more than 112 academic staff members

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Prof.Dr. Abdulhamid Mohamed Mohamed Alkout

Abdulhamid Alkout is one of the staff members at the department of medical laborator. He is working as professor since 2014-10-01. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.


Some of publications in Faculty of Medical Technology

Convergence angles of Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns performed in Libyan private dental practice

Abstract Back ground: Full coverage porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM) is commonly recommended for restoration of extensively damaged teeth. Ability of the dentist to adequately prepare teeth is necessary to achieve a proper success and longevity of these restoration. Aims: This study aimed to determine the degree of axial taper and total occlusal convergence angles (TOC) for Porcelain Fused To Metal crowns (PFM) prepared with clinically practiced values, that carried out by dental practitioners in Tripoli center, Libya. Materials and Methods: It was a descriptive, cross-sectional study design and held at Alzendah private dental laboratory, Tripoli Libya. A convenience sample (40) models of Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns (PFM) preparations carried out by private dental practitioners were scanned by employing a 3D model scanner (Ceramill Map300, Amanngirrbach, Austria). Evaluation of the total occlusal convergence (TOC), bucco-lingual and mesio-distal convergence angles of each abutment tooth was proceeded using B&B dental software (Guide system, B&B, Italy). The degree of taper was measured on the axial walls of each crown preparation and the bucco-lingual and mesio-distal convergence angles subsequently calculated. Results: A total of 40 casts having crown preparations (15 anterior, 25 posterior). The mean convergence angles mesio-distally for all preparations was 40.29° (sd 21.8°), and for the bucco-lingual was 29.92° (sd 9.3°), with mean of TOC was 35.10°. In anterior preparations, the mean bucco-lingual convergence angle was 42.32° (sd 12.2°) compared to 24.52° (sd 15.5°) for posterior preparations (p
Dr. Khaled Omar & Abdussalam Eljabali(1-2022)
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Detection of HER-2 receptor over expression in Breast Cancer by using of Immunohistochemistry procedure

Abstract Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a technique used to quantify the expression of biomarkers in antigens and tissues by making them visible. The IHC technique is based on a binding reaction. Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) is a receptor protein present on the surface of cancer cells and used as an indicator for breast cancer Four paraffin-embedded breast sections were shown positive HER-2 expressed cells. The percentage of positive cells of carcinoma breast tissue was 6% whereas the percentage of normal tissue was less than 1%.
Mohamed Abuagela , Abulgasem Dakhil(3-2019)
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Influence of Medical Representatives on Prescribing Practices in Tripoli

Background and objectives. Medical representatives (MRs) have an impact in the medical community in terms of their promotion of medical products. The pattern of choosing to prescribe drugs by doctors may be affected according to the extent to which the representative is convinced the doctor which eventually influence physicians' prescribing decisions and choice of drugs. The current study aimed to assess the influence of medical representatives on prescribing practice of physicians in health facilities in Tripoli, Libya. Methods. A cross-sectional study was conducted over a period from Jan to April 2021, targeting different physicians in a number of public hospitals and private clinics in Tripoli. Data were collected using a pre-validated questionnaire and were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results. Out of 135 distributed questionnaires, 122 were filled completely giving a response rate of 90.3%. About 36.3% of the respondents were males and 67.2% of them were within the age group of 30-40. The majority of physicians reported that the most common category of drug information was from the internet 78.7%, followed by medical representatives 60.6%, and medical journals 32.8%. The most effective reminder was a product sample (52.5%), leaflet (47.5%), a frequent visit (29.5%), a gift with a corporate logo (27.3%), medical representatives' acceptance of trustworthiness (16.4%), brochures (14.8%), and other approaches (23%). Furthermore, about 73.8 % of physicians were prescribing medications for their patients based on drug company. Conclusion. The outcomes of this study gave insight into prospective target areas for Libyan drug policymakers and regulatory agencies, and to develop a comprehensive guideline for MR i​n​t​
Ahmed Elbadri M Atia(1-2022)
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