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Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of Information Technology is one of the most recent faculties at the University of Tripoli, as it was established in pursuant to the former General People's Committee for Higher Education Decision No. 535 of 2007 regarding the creation of Information Technology Faculties in the main universities in Libya.


Upon its establishment, the Faculty consisted of three departments: Computer Networks Department, Computer Science Department and Software Engineering Department. It now includes five departments: Mobile Computing Department, Computer Network Department, Internet Technologies Department, Information Systems Department and Software Engineering Department.


The Faculty’s study system follows the open semester system by two (Fall and Spring) terms per year. The Faculty began to actually accept students and teach with the beginning of the Fall semester 2008. It grants a specialized (university) degree in information technology in any of the aforementioned disciplines. Obtaining the degree requires the successful completion of at least 135 credit hours. Arabic is the language of study in the college, and English may be also used alongside it. It takes eight semesters to graduate from the Faculty if Information Technology.


The Faculty aspires to open postgraduate programs in the departments of computer networks and software engineering in the near future.

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Faculty of Information Technology has more than 46 academic staff members

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Mr. Nahed Fathi M Farah

أ. ناهد فتحي فرح هي احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم الحوسبة المتنقلة بكلية تقنية المعلومات/جامعة طرابلس. تعمل السيدة ناهد محاضر بكلية تقنية المعلومات منذ 2013-03-10 ولها العديد من المنشورات العلمية في مجال تخصصها، كما تولت رئاسة عدة أقسام بالكلية منها قسم الدراسة والامتحانات، والقسم العام وقسم تقنيات الانترنت، كما سبق تكليفها منسقًا للمشاريع بأقسام الحاسب الآلى، وتقنيات الانترنت، والحوسبة المتنقلة. مؤخرًا هي منسق الدراسة والامتحانات بقسم الحوسبة المتنقلة.


Some of publications in Faculty of Information Technology

The Effect of Mobility on the Performance of VOIP Application in WiMax Networks

in wireless networks, mobility is an important issue because Internet connectivity can only be effective if it is available during the movement of a node. To enhance mobility, the IEEE802.16e standard has set procedures to design wireless access systems to operate on the move without any disruption of services. The major difference between mobile WiMAX and fixed WiMAX is mobility support. However, speed and trajectory of nodes are unpredictable and can vary even in identical circumstances. In this paper mobile node trajectory is studied under different codecs schemes in order to evaluate the effect of node movement, towards or away from the base-station, on end to end delay, jitter, mean opinion score and throughput of a VoIP application. The results showed that trajectory inward improves network performance since mobile node gets closer to the base-station and hence signal is improved and less power is required. arabic 12 English 67
I. Almerhag, N. Aboalgasem(5-2017)
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Survey on Academic Staff Awareness of Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources become an important asset for many educational institutions. In this paper we report the analysis of our survey data on using open educational resources at the University of Tripoli (UoT) among the academic staff members. The survey data was collected electronically to assess the awareness and usage of open educational resources within the University of Tripoli. Results of our survey reveal that 90% of academic staff members surveyed are using open educational resources, but they are not contributing much to OER due to lack of support from university
Abdusalam F. Ahmad Nwesri(5-2019)
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A Developed Secured Model for Searching Into Secured Encrypted Data

Abstract:- Our research paper has presented a new developed model for secured search into a big data of document collections. The developed model has investigated the importance of secured search and also the need for its practices in the real world. We have actually, studied both side of encryption in practical techniques issues and theoretical issues to improve the integration of information retrieval and cryptographic methods used for secured searching. We have chosen 3DES encryption technique to encrypt document data collections. Our new developed secured model has provided an efficient secured searching and/or security and authenticity over all. arabic 9 English 58
Mohamed Abdeldaiem Abdelhadi Mahboub, , (9-2019)
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