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The Information Systems department focuses on the use, practice, and application of information technology in all service and technical fields. Therefore, this specialization acts as a link between computer science and various work fields, allowing students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze, design, develop, and operate information systems. The department covers most areas of research in information systems, such as system analysis and design, software development, project management, and decision support systems.

The importance of the outputs of this department to meet the growing needs of the community in this field has become urgent. Hence, the idea of establishing the department came to prepare and qualify individuals to contribute effectively in meeting the needs of the job market and development plans.

This department has been established based on quality standards, taking into account institutional and programmatic accreditation requirements locally and internationally. To ensure that graduates have high skills and are able to compete locally and globally, specialized sources and associations, such as the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Association for Information Systems (AIS), were consulted to develop information systems curricula. This will make our graduates have skills equivalent to their peers in this field, which will enable them to continue their higher and precise studies locally and abroad with high efficiency and competence.

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The Department of Information Systems is concerned with how information technology is used, practiced and applied in all service and technical fields. This is why this specialization is considered the link between computer science disciplines and various fields of work, through which students can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze, design, develop and operate information systems, and the department covers most of the information systems. Research areas in information systems such...


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Prof. Hanan Ettaher Mahmuod Dagez

Hanan Dagez is one of the staff members at the department of Information System , teaches several subjects in her major and has several publications in the field of her interest.

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