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The Computer Networks Department teaches students how to operate and connect local and international information systems. During the study period in the Computer Networks Department, students use the latest programs and specialized laboratories to learn how to design, install, manage and maintain computer networks.

The Computer Networks Department studies a set of advanced study subjects whose vocabulary has been carefully selected to cover a range of important knowledge in information technology that enables a graduate of the Computer Networks Department to compete in the labor market.

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Bachelor - Computer Networks

The Bachelor of Computer Networks program prepares students to have the required knowledge to work on computer netwroks. It gives the student the required knowledge and practical skills to build computer networks and configure them to cummunicate. ...


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Department of Networking has more than 13 academic staff members

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Dr. Edries Abdelhadi Ali Mohamad Gomied

Dr Edries Gomeid is a Faculty Member in the Networking Department of the Faculty of Information Technology with the rank of Associate Professor. Dr Edries Gomied has been at the University of Tripoli since 2013 and has many scientific publications in his field of specialization.


Some of publications in Department of Networking

Applying MPLS Technique as On-Chip Communication Means for Network-on-Chip with Mesh Topology

This paper describes designing an efficient mesh topology Network-on-Chip system by employing MPLS protocol as an on-chip communication technique. A discrete-event simulator is developed in C++ to show the applicability of MPLS in providing efficient on-chip communication for multicore processing system-on-chip designs. Experimental results are compared with two simulators: wormhole equipped with virtual channels; and MPLS-based fat tree network-on-chip systems. Outstandingly, MPLS as on-chip communication means recorded better results than the wormhole +virtual channels in terms of throughput and packet end-to-end delay (latency).
Azeddien M. Sllame, Hadeel Ben Rajab , Nagwa Salama (1-2021)
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A Simulation based analysis study for DDoS attacks on Computer Networks

A denial of service attacks are usually employed to interrupt the system's activity by getting a large number of fake requests, which leads to slowing down and stopping information system or network operations. This paper outlines the basic principles of DDoS attacks, explains how DDoS attack works. The paper presents an experimental using OPNET simulation tool in which traffic from three different applications VoIP, FTP, and HTTP is used to make the practical model with a firewall shield to model and simulate DDoS over Internet. However, three scenarios have been developed to illustrate different aspects of the DDoS over networks. The results clearly demonstrate how firewalls can be configured to mitigate DDoS attacks
Azeddien M. Sllame, Reema A. Saed, Mariam Abojella Msaad(5-2021)
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Implementation Network Management Solution Using PRTG and Solar Winds Tools

Successful companies know that network management is crucial for the proper support and maintenance of network infrastructure. When it comes to managing a large-scale or highly complex network, you’ll need a powerful network management system that will meet your challenging business needs. There are several programs suggested different types of solutions. PRTG and SolarWinds are an excellent solution, since they have many features that help the network engineer, administrator or technician to easily control, manage and monitor the devices comprehensively. Moreover, PRTG and SolarWinds can integrate with monitoring and management protocols such as SNMP and NetFlow to provide an excellent integrated unified management solution. That being said, PRTG and SolarWinds will facilitate the management of network devices throughout performing configuration, Security, Fault, Performance and Accounting management which will increase productivity, Quality, Revenue and lower the cost. arabic 9 English 66
Mariam Abojela Msaad, Mohamed Fathi Almograbi , Anas Moftah Alshoukri (12-2019)
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