Information Technology

Major Software Engineering

University of Tripoli - Department of Software Engineering


With the development of technology and the increase in the size of software, the completion of large software projects requires programmers to work in large teams that work together to accomplish a specific software project. Teamwork in the field of software requires special engineering capabilities specialized in software development.

To keep pace with this development, the Department of Software Engineering was established with the beginning of the establishment of the college in the year 2008, due to the urgent importance of the existence of such a department, which aims to prepare cadres capable of performing the completion of software projects using the engineering methods applicable in this field such as analysis, identification of requirements, design, project management and confirmation quality and others.

This department has already contributed to the graduation of more than 200 engineers by the end of the spring semester of the 2019 academic year. The department is proud of all graduates for their outstanding performance in public agencies and private companies. Currently, the employment rate for department graduates is more than 90%, and most students get jobs or establish private companies before they graduate.


  • Employing the best human energies, curricula, means and tools that ensure the success of the educational process.
  • Teaching students the theoretical concepts and knowledge of software engineering while enabling them to acquire practical programming skills in various computer applications.
  • Follow-up developments in the department's specialization, taking into account quality standards and local and international accreditation.
  • Encouraging faculty members and students to engage in team work and creative professional scientific research.


Certificate Rewarded

Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering

Entry Reuirements

  • Obtaining a high school diploma with a grade of 75%
  • Passing 50 credits from the general stage in the College of Information Technology
  • Passing an Introduction to Software Engineering course with a general grade of very good

Study Plan

Stupy plan for this program is shown below:

'1 1st
No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 ITPH111 03 Compulsory

2 ITMM111 03 Compulsory

3 ITAR111 02 Compulsory

4 ITEL111 02 Compulsory

5 ITGS111 03 Compulsory

6 ITGS113 03 Compulsory

'2 2nd
No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 ITMM122 03 Compulsory ITMM111

2 ITAR122 02 Compulsory ITAR111

3 ITEL122 02 Compulsory ITEL111

4 ITGS122 03 Compulsory ITGS113

5 ITGS124 03 Compulsory ITGS113

6 ITGS126 03 Compulsory ITPH111

'3 3rd
No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 ITST211 03 Compulsory ITMM111

2 ITGS219 03 Compulsory ITMM122

3 ITGS217 03 Elective ITMM122

4 ITGS215 03 Compulsory ITGS111

5 ITGS213 03 Compulsory ITGS111

6 ITGS211 03 Compulsory

'4 4th
No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 ITGS224 03 Compulsory ITGS111

2 ITGS228 03 Compulsory ITGS217

3 ITGS226 03 Compulsory ITGS122

4 ITGS223 03 Compulsory ITGS126

5 ITGS222 03 Compulsory ITGS111

6 ITGS220 03 Compulsory ITGS122

'5 5th
No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 Elective 01 03 Elective

2 Elective 02 03 Elective

3 ITSE312 03 Compulsory ITGS228

4 ITSE311 03 Compulsory ITGS124

5 ITGS301 03 General ITGS220

6 ITGS303 03 General

'6 6th
No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 Elective 04 03 Elective

2 ITSE322 03 Compulsory ITGS211

3 ITSE321 03 Compulsory ITGS213 ITGS217 ITGS301 ITST211

4 ITGS302 03 General ITGS223

5 Elective 03 03 Elective

'7 7th
No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 ITSE411 03 Compulsory ITSE311

2 ITSE412 03 Compulsory ITGS228

3 ITSE413 03 Compulsory ITGS213

4 ITSE414 03 Compulsory ITSE311

5 ITSE500 03 Compulsory ITGS303

6 Elective 05 03 Elective

'8 8th
No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 ITSE421 03 Compulsory ITSE321

2 ITSE422 03 Compulsory ITGS211

3 ITSE423 03 Compulsory ITGS211

4 ITSE424 03 Compulsory ITGS211