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The Qasr Bin Ghashir Faculty of Education is honored to extend its greetings to the visitors of the Faculty. It adopts a path that is taken from our innate religion which is a symbol of safety and a title of faith.


Education means increase and elevation. Those concepts of increase and elevation were restricted to educators and confined to human beings. Therefore, the goal of education is to reach human perfection that brings happiness of this world and the hereafter. It is also geared towards reform.


The Qasr Bin Ghashir Faculty of Education aspires to be a prestigious scientific institution that occupies a high position among other faculties at the local, regional and international levels. It strives to pioneer in preparing educational scientific cadres, to be a destination for all researchers, in all fields related to education. It is the home for specialized expertise in the fields of education. It works to achieve its desired role in developing, disseminating and using means of knowledge. The teacher's role has changed from being a transmitter and instructor of knowledge to a facilitator and director of educational science and a planner that encourages creativity, team work and self-learning. 


The Qasr Bin Ghashir Faculty of Education accommodates those who wish to achieve academic achievement, and to provide appropriate opportunities for them on sound scientific and educational foundations, in order to build distinguished scientific cadres capable of carrying out the educational mission. This is in line with the requirements of the labor market, and to provide the necessary scientific and educational research and advice to develop the educational process in its various stages.


The Qasr Bin Ghashir Faculty of Education aims at

·         Preparing and qualifying faculty members (teachers) in various disciplines related to the nature of the faculty at the different stages of education.

·         Continuously raising the level of professional teachers ’performance, and increasing their knowledge and abilities of innovation and creativity.

·         Encouraging scientific research, intellectual production, and developing a spirit of teamwork.

·         Providing a scientific, psychological and social environment that supports creativity and innovation.

·         Upgrading professional practices to ensure maximum utilization of human and material resources, leading to high-quality outputs.

·         Finding communication channels with national and international bodies to exchange experiences in order to develop the educational process outcomes.

·         Adopting modern and advanced teaching strategies that develop students' creative and innovative capabilities.

·         Keeping abreast of developments in the field of information and communication technology and employing them in scientific programs.

Professionally developing faculty members, in order to enable them to teach in light of clearly defined and formulated goals.

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