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Bachelor - Kindergarten

The study program aims to provide students with the information and expertise necessary to understand the nature of the child and his development in various fields, and to prepare them to assume the tasks of teaching and supervising nurseries and kindergartens in all governmental and private institutions. Specialization courses and general courses, as well as some educational courses that qualify the student to work in the field of teaching).The Kindergarten Department also seeks to promote scientific...


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Department of Kindergarten has more than 22 academic staff members

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Nadia Salem Meloud Abdulaziz

Biography First personal data: Name: Nadia Salem Melody Abdul Aziz Birthday 12 July 1972 Nationality: Libyan Residence: Tripoli Social status: Married passport no. 468460 National number: 219720406652 Phone number 0925217050- 0918158334 Employer: Faculty of Education at Ben Ghashir Palace / Tripoli University Second, scientific qualifications University qualifications: