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Ms. Haneen Fikry Alsanussi Azzuz

Haneen Azzuz is one of the staff members at the department of 4 faculty of 9. She is working as a since 2014-03-31. She teaches several subjects in her major and has several puplications in the field of her interest.


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Dental Caries Experience among 6-14 years old Schoolchildren in Municipality of Tripoli Center ,Libya

Dental caries is still the most prevalent oral disease of school-aged children on a global basis. The present study aims to assess the dental caries experience among schoolchildren in the Municipality of Tripoli center, Libya. A cross-sectional descriptive study was performed on 320 schoolchildren (132 girls, and 188 boys), aged between 6-14 years, between October and December 2018. The experience of dental caries was assessed using World Health Organization criteria (WHO) 2013 criteria: dmft & DMFT indices. Data was analyzed using SPSS Statistics Version 26. Dental caries prevalence in permanent teeth, among schoolchildren in Tripoli center, was 56%, while the prevalence of dental caries in primary teeth was higher than in permanent teeth, with mean dmft and DMFT scores of 3.11 and 1.89, respectively. Statistically significant differences were found between girls and boys, where more girls showed a higher D score than boys, with a mean DMFT score of 1.65 and dmft score of 2.96 in boys, and a mean DMFT score of 2.23 and dmft score of 3.30 in girls. The prevalence of dental caries was high amongst schoolchildren and indicated the requirement of urgent comprehensive oral health, educational and dental service programs, targeting schoolchildren population at the early stage of caries development
Sara Mabrouk Abusreweil, Ebtehal Gabroun , Amel Berbash , Najeha Shetwi(1-2021)
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Frequency, Prevalence, Demographic Features, And Histological Subtypes of The Most Common Malignant Salivary Glands Tumours (MECs) in Tripoli Medical Center: A 14 Years Retrospective Study

Objective: The main purpose of this retrospective study was to survey SGTs, report their frequency and the prevalence, demographic features, and histological subtypes of MEC. Methods: These series retrieved from oral biopsy files of Tripoli Medical Centre (TMC) over a 14-year period. Results: One hundred ninety-seven tumours were found, 152 benign (77.8%) and 45tumours (22%) lesions, were malignant. Pleomorphic adenoma (PA), adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) and MEC were the most encountered benign and malignant tumours (129 cases, 66.8%), (23 cases, 11.6%) and (14 cases, 7.3%) respectively. Of the 45 malignant tumours, MEC (14 of 45), was the second most common neoplasm. Most MECs (7 of 14) were high-grade lesions. One central MEC occurred in the alveolar ridge of the mandible. Conclusions: Benign SGTs were much more frequent than malignant SGTs. MEC was the second commonest malignant variety. The parotid gland was the frequently affected site for MECs. High grade MEC constituted large group of different grades of this neoplasm.
helal naser(10-2019)
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application of dental indices to evaluate oral health status for schoolchildren in central Tripoli, Libya

The present study aims to determine the treatment needs index (TNI), care index (CI), restorative index (RI) and functional measure index (FMI) among Libyan schoolchildren. This study also aims to evaluate the impact of self-assessed brushing frequency and the role of parental observation during brushing on DMFT scores.
sara mabrouk abusreweil, Amel Berbash, Ebtehal Gabroun, Najeha Shetwi deceased(1-2022)
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