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At the beginning of the seventies, the Computer Science major was limited to being a division belonging to the Department of Mathematics, then this division was separated in the year 1977 AD to be what is known today as the Department of Computer Science by a decision issued by the University of Tripoli.  Non-Libyan students, with a number of approximately seven students at the time.  Thus, it was approved as one of the departments in the Faculty of Science - University of Tripoli.

 The technical capabilities represented in the IBM1620 mainframe computer were leased from the IBM company, after that the equipment was upgraded to the IBM360 machine, and the last update was the acquisition of the IBM370 mainframe computer, and it is operated by a group of national technicians after they have been trained.

 The department continued throughout the years using the central computer until the emergence of modern and advanced small-sized devices in the early eighties, known as "Personal Computers" and known as the personal computer.

 Where the department developed over the years and laboratories were established using these devices, the number of Libyan faculty members also increased after their return from delegation abroad and their receipt of computer science teachings in the most prestigious international universities in an effort to improve and raise the scientific status of the department and the dissemination of modern science inside the country as well.  Their energies in the field of scientific research, the issuance of specialized books, and the continuous updating of educational curricula, which are compatible with international curricula within standards

 (IEEE) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

 (ACM) Association for Computing Machinery

 Which is taught in most international universities.

 Over the years, our students received the teachings of computer science, and the department produced distinguished batches of graduates in these sciences, some of whom developed themselves in the field of research, as they rely in their techniques on basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, and statistics as the most important pillars of the recognized sciences.

 The Department of Computer Science, in its inception, is one of the few departments in the Arab world, if not the first.  Therefore, he was a pioneer in teaching and disseminating computer science and contributed to the development and mechanization of public and private institutions and sectors in the country, including graduates in the field of computer science since then.

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Bachelor - computer science

The academic program aims to obtain a university degree (Bachelor) to prepare the student to be able to show specialized scientific knowledge in the field of computer uses and writing software in the latest languages used, and he is also able to employ practical and professional skills and engage in...

Master - computer science

The master's program aims to graduate researchers with extensive and modern scientific and technical knowledge, as well as the necessary methodologies for designing, creating and developing computer systems and establishing the scientific base and methodologies for research and development to continue...


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Department of Computer Science has more than 22 academic staff members

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Wafa Mohamed Al-dkam Naser

Wafa Naser is one of the staff members at the department of 8 faculty of 1. He is working as a since 2013-01-13. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.