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Mr. Abdussalam Marghani Milad Bannur

عبد السلام بنور هو احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم الحاسب الالي بكلية العلوم. يعمل السيد عبد السلام بنور بجامعة طرابلس كـمحاضر منذ 2013-12-01 وله العديد من المنشورات العلمية في مجال تخصصه


Some of publications in Department of Computer Science

A Comparative Study of Automated Testing Tools for Spreadsheets

Organizations and industries use spreadsheet programs for various tasks, such as accounting, financial calculations, and reporting. However, the number of spreadsheets that contain errors is very high. One primary reason is that different end-users develop spreadsheets without programming or software development training. Thus, researchers have proposed a variety of automated tools and techniques to support the end-users in finding and fixing errors in spreadsheets. The main objective of this paper is to study different automated tools in spreadsheet testing and classify them according to two criteria: how they work and the ability to find spreadsheet faults. For this purpose, we discuss various spreadsheet testing automated tools, techniques, and strategies. In addition, we highlight their performance and where they can be used so that they can be beneficial to both end-users and researchers. We then set out key directions for potential future works.
Ali Ali Ahmed Aburas(10-2022)
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Scheduling Algorithms for Core-Based SOC Systems

Abstract In this thesis, we present a set of scheduling algorithms that are used in designing core-based system-on-chips. Related techniques such as hardware /software codesign, and High-level-synthesis are defined. However, we selected some algorithms at system level and core level to implement them. They combined in system design methodology. Therefore, we used them for design exploration process. The methodology able to explore designs by scheduling them partitioning systems, and pipelining.Finally results obtained are encouraging to use the selected algorithm in designing efficient core-based system-on-chip systems.
مفيدة رمضان علي بلال (2010)
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Mixed Languages Programming Technique Based on Data Variables Emigration

Abstract A technique for mixed–languages program is introduced to mix C and FORTRAN. programming languages. This technique enables the programmer to develop programs. composed of different code sections each written in either C or FORTRAN. Each. Section can access and use the variables decleared in other sections. The variables. Decleared in C sections can be used in FORTRAN sections. This process in which a data variable is declared in a program section of a certain. Language and used in another section of another language is given the name "Data Variable Emigration". A preprocessor is designed to read the mixed source program, separate the code. Sections in different files and determine the emigrated variables and define them by the syntax of the language they emigrated to. Then the preprocessor send the sections files to the compilers to get the object files and send these files to a common linker to produce one execution file.
رحاب عبد الله رجب بن عبد الله (2009)
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