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The Basic Nursing Department includes the First and the Second Year students of the Faculty of Nursing. It comprises the general education  component of the baccalaureate degree leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). It offers a strong foundation as the student threads through their educational endeavor in the nursing profession. The department ensures that the student will develop and be equipped with adequate skills and  competence as they progress to the next level of their nursing career where they have to choose an area o specialization.

The Basic Nursing Department handles the Level I courses which are from the First year to the Second Year. The courses offered follow the principles of sequencing and introduce knowledge and skills from the simplest concepts to the more complicated ones. The Department believes that a strong foundation of the introductory concepts and skills in nursing leads to a fulfilling and satisfying career.

The Fundamentals of Nursing Skills Laboratory is equipped with models and teaching aids to provide the students with meaningful opportunity to acquire basic skills and provide them with a venue to practice their newly acquired skills under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Basic nursing skills are first demonstrated by the skills laboratory facilitator after which the students are given the chance to practice before a graded return demonstration is performed as scheduled. A record of the skills performed by the student is kept in the Related Learning Experience Record Book and signed by the supervising facilitator.

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