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Abdusalam Alfitory Ahmad Nwesri


Doctor of Phiosophy

Academic Rank

Associate Professor


Abdulsalam Nwesri is an academic staff member in the Software Engineering Department at the Faculty of Information Technology. He works as a lecturer and researcher in the department. Through his work in the department and the faculty, Mr. Nwesri supervises graduation projects and projects for master's students. He also works in many committees at the university level, including the committee for raising the rank of the University of Tripoli and the committee. Dr. Nwesri also supervises the university's website with a committee of representatives from the various faculties and departments of the university.


Before joining the University of Tripoli, Dr. Nwesri worked at Sebha University since graduating from it in 1989. He was nominated to work as  as a teaching assistant in the Computer Department, then he obtained a master’s degree in software engineering in 1999 from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, and worked as a lecturer in the same department until he obtained a PhD in information retrieval from RMIT University in Australia In 2009, he continued to work in the computer department until 2011.

Dr. Nwesri joined the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Tripoli in 2011, where he worked as Head of the Software Engineering Department, then assumed the position of Vice-Dean of the Faculty. He is now working as an  Associate Professor in the Department of Software Engineering.

Research Interests

One of the most important research fields in which Dr. Nwesri works is information retrieval and Arabic text processing. He also worked previously on several researches in the field of software engineering. Currently, Dr. Nwesri is working on the use of artificial intelligence in Arabic NLP. He is working on discovering new techniques to understand the Arabic language and the Libyan dialect in particular, in order to use it in many applications.

Dr. Nwesri has published many research papers in prestigious international journals, the latest of which was his participation in a research paper on the University of Tripoli team to identify hate speech against women in Twitter tweets. It was ranked second among the eight participating teams from all over the world.

External Activities

In addition to being as a researcher and lecturer at the university, Dr. Nwesri contributed to many research, scientific and national activities. In 2010, he was chosen by the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) as a member of  Arab search engine experts team. The team worked on establishing an open source Arabic search engine. He was also chosen by the Ministry of Eduation to chair the committee for evaluating the Libyan e-learning project. The project was evaluated and recommendations were made to the Ministry. Dr Nwesri  was a member of many international committees and conferences, where he was a member of the General Committee of the EMNLP World Conference in 2014. He participatd in reviewing  many research papers in local and international conferences and scientific journals.

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