License (Bachelor) in Special Education

faculty of Education Tripoli - Department of Apecial education


The Special Education Program is one of the specializations of the College of Education and is concerned with graduating special education teachers and trainees to work with persons with disabilities, and to provide them with services in several fields.


That the student acquires the experiences and skills that enable him to work with people with special needs in various educational environments. That the student acquires the ability to design individual plans and prepare training programs to provide appropriate services for people with special needs. That the student acquires the ability to benefit from the available resources to provide services to those in need.


Knowledge and understanding, intellectual skills, practical and vocational skills, general and transferable skills

Certificate Rewarded

Bachelor of Science and Education (Special Education Specialization)

Entry Reuirements

The academic estimate of the student in the previous stage of this program. Admission test and personal interview. The capacity of the program to accommodate students according to the available capabilities.

Study Plan

The License (Bachelor) in Special Education prepares students to qualify for License (Bachelor).The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 8 Years of study, in which the student will study a total of131 units, which include 44 units of general subjects, and 79 major units, 4 of elective units. In addition to a final project in the student's major.

Stupy plan for this program is shown below:

1st Semester

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 EPSY101 ;Bringing principles 02 General +
2 SE102 School health education 02 Compulsory +
3 SE101 02 Compulsory +
4 SE100 02 Compulsory +
5 SE104 Music education 02 Compulsory +
6 AR101 02 University requirement +
7 EPSY 100 General Psychology 02 Compulsory +

The concept of general psychology. The objectives of psychology and the variables that govern behavior, types of branches of psychology. The most important concepts and principles related to psychology. Research methods in general psychology, general psychological laws of human behavior. Schools of Psychology - Nervous System and Behavior. Higher mental processes, learning, the concept of stimulus and response, the concept of intelligence, perception, sensation, remembering, forgetting, and thinking. Motivation: Defining motivation and the different classifications of motives that can be limited to biological and physiological motives, employing psychological knowledge and educational concepts to serve the educational process.

8 EN100 02 University requirement +
9 CS100 02 University requirement +
10 AR103 HOSTING ARABIC1 02 University requirement +

2nd Semester

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 EN101 HOSTINGARABIC2 02 University requirement EN100 +
2 CS101 UBUB'S COMPUTER2 02 University requirement CS100 +
3 SE107 Healthy physical disability 02 Compulsory SE100 +
5 SE106 02 Compulsory SE100 +
6 EPSY203 Erristic psychology 02 General EPSY100 +
7 SE105 Hearing disability 02 Compulsory SE100 +

This course introduces students to the concept of hearing impairment. It also deals with the knowledge of its causes, the methods of prevention, linking it to the reality, and determining hearing system structure. This course aims to develop students’ skills in distinguishing methods of teaching people with hearing disabilities by using their own speaking language, and how to use (educational tests) curricula to diagnose hearing impairment problems The course focuses on the application of educational tests for auditory distinction, the educational services provided to them, and hearing aids

8 SE108 Concepts and terms in special education 02 Compulsory EPSY100 SE100 +
9 SE110 Social practice of people with disabilities 02 Compulsory SE101 +
10 AR104 02 University requirement AR103 +
11 SE109 Functional technical education 02 Compulsory SE104 +

3rd Semester

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 SE203 Psychological guidance and guidance 02 Compulsory EPSY100 EPSY203 +
2 SE200 Mental disability 02 Compulsory SE105 SE106 SE107 +
3 SE202 02 Compulsory EPSY100 EPSY203 +
4 SE201 02 Compulsory SE105 SE106 SE107 +
5 SE204 Qualifying skills for special categories 02 Compulsory SE110 +
6 SE406E 02 Elective +
7 ST100 Principles of statistics 02 University requirement +
8 AR102 Iyya Quranic studies2 02 University requirement AR101 +
9 EPSY202 The foundations of the curriculum 02 General EPSY101 +
10 EPSY200 02 General EPSY100 +
11 AR105 HOSTINGARABIC3 02 University requirement AR104 +

4th Semester

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 EPSY302 02 General +
2 EPSY301 Methods of scientific research 02 General +
3 SE205 Learning disabilities for people with special needs 02 Compulsory EPSY201 SE200 +
4 SE206 Behavioral disorders 02 Compulsory EPSY200 SE203 +
5 SE207 Communication skills for people with special needs 04 Compulsory SE110 SE204 +
6 SE208 Sign language and communication 02 Compulsory SE110 SE204 +
7 SE209 Management of social institutions 02 Compulsory SE110 +
8 SE210 Special physical education 02 Compulsory SE109 +
9 AR106 HOSTINGARABIC4 02 University requirement AR105 +

5th Semester

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 SE304 Tests and standards in special education 02 Compulsory SE211 +
2 SE303 02 Compulsory SE211 +
3 SE301 Designing programs for people with special needs 03 Compulsory SE211 +

This course aims to provide students with the most important foundations and rules for building and designing educational and therapeutic programs, skills education programs, and early intervention programs for people with special needs. It also aims to train students to prepare and analyze program design models, so that the student can write plans and goals and choose the contents of the program to suit each of the special categories.

4 EPSY303 02 General EPSY203 +
5 SE211 02 Compulsory +
6 SE300 Laws and legislation for people with special needs 02 Compulsory EPSY200 +
7 SE302 Behavior modification 02 Compulsory SE206 +

6th Semester

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 SE306 Personality theories 02 Compulsory SE211 +
2 SE307 Special teaching methods 02 Compulsory EPSY201 EPSY303 +
3 SE305 Speech and speech disorders 02 Compulsory SE303 +
4 SE309 02 Compulsory SE301 +
5 EPSY401 DesertificationMental health 02 General EPSY203 +
6 SE410E 02 Elective +

7th Semester

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 SE400 Early intervention 02 Compulsory SE207 SE303 +
2 SE401 Clinical psychology, hey 02 Compulsory EPSY401 SE304 +
3 SE402 Teaching applications 04 Compulsory SE301 SE307 +
4 SE407E 02 Elective +
5 SE408E 02 Elective +
6 SE411E 02 Elective +

8th Semester

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 SE403 04 Compulsory SE402 +
2 SE404 04 Compulsory EPSY301 +

Elective Subjects

No. Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
1 SE308 Psychic tests 02 Compulsory EPSY401 +