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We welcome all visitors to the Mobile Computing department page, and we hope that we can provide sufficient information about the department and its vision and mission. The Mobile Computing program and smart mobile device applications are among the newly developed programs that keep up with the global and increasing needs of specialists in this field. It is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand fields for work. The program covers many topics related to computing everywhere, cloud computing, network programming, electronic games, and interactive design methods for social media sites. The specialist will be able to program and design smart mobile phone applications and remote mobile devices. Graduates of the department will have many job opportunities in software companies that serve ministries and educational institutions interested in computing their services on smart devices, in addition to the possibility of working remotely inside and outside the country. Due to the encouragement of postgraduate studies and scientific research at the university and within the college, we will seek to provide a master's program in the field of Mobile Computing in the coming years, God willing.


The Department of Mobile Computing aspires to be a foundation in building a robust research and learning environment to shape the next generation of distinguished IT graduates in the field of mobile computing.


Building a strong base of effective national expertise and competencies and covering the labor market needs of specialists in the field of mobile computing


  • study plan prepared at the latest scientific and academic levels in keeping with the continuous modernity in the most prestigious universities in the world.
  • Qualifying and preparing graduates capable of developing integrated applications.
  • The department strives to achieve local and international academic quality standards.
  • An outstanding learning experience for students in the field of mobile computing by balancing theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
  • Using modern and diverse teaching methods, means, and methods that increase the student's abilities to think, analyze and create in the field of mobile computing.
  • A specialized academic staff in the department works to raise the level of education and improve its outcomes.
  • Consultations, research and modern scientific theoretical and practical studies in the field of mobile computing.
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