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On behalf of my colleagues in the department of Information Systems at the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Tripoli, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the department's website on the university's website, and to introduce you to the Department of Information Systems, which grants a bachelor's degree in information systems after the student completes 135 hours of 8 accredited semesters in the study plan program in the Information Systems Department, as well as the program was designed to give the student an opportunity to develop his scientific and technical skills. The program aims to prepare graduates with competencies that qualify them to enter the labor market and help them carry out work tasks related to the development, design and rehabilitation of information systems in companies and institutions in general.

The specialization of information systems combines the field of information technology and the field of business administration in an integrated system to prepare a graduate who can look forward to his role in the development and management of information systems. Where the specialization provides a field of work and jobs that include: information systems analyst and designer, database designer and developer, project manager, Internet business developer, the department consists of faculty members with extensive qualifications and experience that form a homogeneous team that is keen on outstanding performance.


Preparing students for a distinguished preparation and providing them with the necessary skills to work in the field of information systems.


To graduate scientifically and professionally qualified cadres in the fields of information systems by providing distinguished educational programs that comply with quality standards and meet the requirements of the labor market.


  • Graduating well-trained information technology specialists on the latest technologies in the field, whether in theory or practice.
  • Active participation in studies and research and the discovery of modern knowledge and methods in the field of information systems.
  • Providing the necessary and modern foundations for undergraduate students (in theory and application) in the field of information systems.
  • Empowering students by introducing them to the tools and skills necessary to provide an effective service to the information technology industry and the needs of society after graduation.
  • Providing consultations and community services in the field of information technology.
  • Providing students with the necessary skills to apply information systems science.
  • Forming a strong scientific base for students to help them keep pace with the rapid change in the field and interact positively with it.
  • Contribute to providing the labor market with national cadres to meet the needs of business in this vital field.
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