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Doctor of Phiosophy

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got a bachelor's degree 2007 University of Tripoli Master's 2004 I got a doctorate degree 2014 in Egypt. University teaching has started from 2005 to the present.


I worked as the rapporteur of the teaching department at the Faculty of Physical Education, Al-Zawiya University, as well as teaching many assignments and supervising practical education students and graduation projects. I was also assigned the tasks of the activity office at the college. After that, I moved to the University of Tripoli, the Faculty of Education, Bin Ghashir Palace, where I took over the Headed by the department, he also supervised the exams inside the college, and then moved to the Faculty of Education in Tripoli to the special education department, where she was assigned the task of director of the bypass relations office at the college, teaching courses within the department, the examination committee at the college, and now the director of the faculty members' affairs office at the college.

Research Interests

Interest in research, scientific conferences, seminars and workshops in the field of childhood and special groups, where I participated in many conferences, including international in Tunisia and Jordan. I was one of the members of the Preparatory Committee at the Faculty of Arts, Zawiya University, and the rapporteur of sessions in more than one scientific conference

External Activities

Evaluation of many scientific researches and participation in the activities of the municipality - Friday market in the field of kindergartens, as well as workshops in the field of childhood and tasked with following up the progress of the Tannian certificate exams in the years 2019-2020

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د. نجاة علي علي الهنشيري, د. ابراهيم أبو زيد علي الدويبي (4-2021)
مجلة كليات التربية جامعة الزاوية , الصفحات 195-235