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Salem Ammar Aburawy, a faculty member at the Faculty of Education, Tripoli, Department of Special Education, with a lecturer’s degree, holds a PhD in the Faculty of Education, Mansoura University, the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2019. He took charge of the Special Education Department during the year 2009, and he was chosen as the head of the faculty members Teaching at the Faculty of Education, Tripoli, in 2010, under the supervision of the Faculty of Education, Tripoli



Salem Ammar Aburawy worked as a teacher in general education schools and took over the management of one of the schools during that period, and he has a good teaching experience in this field.

  Since joining the University of Tripoli as a faculty member in the Department of Education and Psychology in 2007, he has taught several educational courses, including the courses “Foundations of Curricula - General Teaching Strategies - Educational Psychology - Educational Research Methods - Teaching Aids - General Psychology in addition to supervising Practical education students.

 His professional career also included teaching specialization subjects in the Special Education Department, where he studied the subject (learning difficulties - early intervention - behavior modification - special teaching methods - teaching applications). He also participated in training courses to raise the efficiency of teachers from basic science graduates through many educational lectures in 2009, which was held at the College of Education, Tripoli. He also participated in the educational qualification course, which was held at the College of Arts and Sciences, Bani Walid University in 2007.

Research Interests

Research interests

   .  Buraqah participated in the seminar on "The Problem of Applying Developed Curricula in the Current Environment in Libya" with the slogan "Towards an Education that Builds Human Beings and Embodies Freedom and Democracy" in 2012. Among the research interests he seeks to study are teacher preparation programs as a goal in general and education programs in particular, and all  What is related to the educational process in terms of problems and ways to develop in the Libyan society.

External Activities

External activities:

 Member of the committee supervising the celebration of the International Day of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, which was held at the College of Education in 2010

 Participation in the first symposium for the deaf and hard of hearing that was held at the College of Education and supervised by the Department of Special Education 2010.

 Participate in preparing a scientific symposium on the developed curricula in Libya and the mechanisms of their application.

  In the interest of the concerned person, to benefit from international experiences in the field of education, he was keen to attend many courses in the field of education and special education, and he may obtain many accredited certificates, in the following fields:

 A course on (quality standards in the teaching process-2015), and a course on (credit hour system-2018) from the University Performance Development Center at Mansoura University.

  (Communication language techniques 2016), (Techniques for dealing with the autistic child 2016), (Techniques for measuring and reviewing availability 2016) from the Faculty of Education, Mansoura University, and a course in (Teaching reading and writing in Braille, 2016) from the Al-Nour Library at Mansoura University.

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