Department of Geography Faculty of Education Bin Ghesheer

Full name

Raja Basheer Ali Basheer


Master degree

Academic Rank

Assistant Lecturer


Mrs. Raja Bashir Ali Bashir, Qar faculty member, Department of Geography, College of Education, Qasr Bin Ghashir. She works as a lecturer in teaching several courses since 2020, including: Geography of seas and oceans - Tourism geography - Population geography - Behavioral geography - Interpretation of aerial photographs - Geography of the Arab world - General maps - Industrial geography - Behavioral geography - Distribution maps - Geographic information systems - Structure and topography. In addition to the academic supervision of practical education students


Mrs. Raja worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Geography on 3/1/2013 and was sent to study abroad to obtain a master's degree on 1/20/2020, then she returned to work as a teaching assistant in the department on 3/21/2020 to change her status as a faculty member in the department on 17/ 11/2021

Research Interests

Mrs. Raja was interested in the human aspect of geography and the use of GIS technology

External Activities

Drawing and producing maps using GIS

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