Prof. ArafatAtieg

Department of Radio and Televesion Faculty of Media and Communication

Full name

Prof. Arafat Muftah Maayouf Atieg


Doctor of Phiosophy

Academic Rank



Mr. Arafat works as a faculty member in the Media Department at the Faculty of Arts and Media. University of Tripoli since 2010.


Dr. Arafat held a number of positions during his tenure at the university, including dean of the Faculty of Arts and Media, in addition to his work as a professor in the Department of Media & Mass Communication, and supervisor of a number of master's and doctoral theses.

Research Interests

Dr. Arafat has many researches and scientific studies in the field of media and diplomatic studies, published in local and international scientific journals. His research interests focused on:

  • Media and illegal immigration
  • Violence and hate speech
  • Media and globalization
  • Civil peace

He participated in a number of research papers in scientific conferences, including:

  • Scientific conference in Croatia 2009
  • Scientific Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010
  • Scientific conference in Egypt 2013

External Activities

  • Professor of Diplomatic Studies at the Libyan Academy
  • Executive Director of Communication Forum - Tripoli
  • Vice President of the Serbian Arab Society
  • Member of the Balkan Media Association
  • Member of the General Secretariat of the Libyan Students Union 86-90 AD
  • Founding member of the Arab Maghreb Students Union
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the General Press Authority.
  • Professor in postgraduate studies in Libyan universities and supervisor of a number of master's and doctoral theses
  • Founder of the Libyan Media Academics Forum.
  • Founder of the Faculty of Arts and Media Journal.
  • Deputy head of the Libyan delegation at the World Youth Festival held in North Korea 19990
  • Deputy Head of the Libyan Delegation at the World Youth Festival held in Croatia 1986-1996
  • Director of the Media Office of the Libyan National Society for Drug Control.
  • Chairman of the Continent Afia Association for Humanitarian Work
  • Founder of the media laboratory at the University of Tripoli.

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