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Harmain Mohammed Harmain, Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Tripoli, Libya. He joined the University of Tripoli in 2013 and participated in the development of the curriculum and a number of academic courses. Since joining the university, he participated in many specialized committees and developed and taught a number of courses at all academic levels.


Harmain holds a Ph.D. (2000) in computer science (artificial intelligence and automated software engineering) from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom,  and a master’s degree from the same university in expert systems engineering (1995). He returned to teach at Sebha University in 2000, then moved to the UAE University in 2001 for 11 years as one of the founders of the College of Information Technology - the first college of information technology in the region. Harmain was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor at the UAE University in 2008, and promoted to the rank of Professor at the University of Tripoli in 2014.

Research Interests

My research interests include Arabic language processing, e-learning, machine learning, web application development, and human-computer interaction.

External Activities

  • In 2012, Harmain worked outside the university as Deputy Prime Minister in the Libyan Transitional Government and he was responsible for the e-government file. He also served in several ministerial committees.
  • Between 2014-2017, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Economic and Social Development Fund and Chairman of several general assemblies of public institutions and companies.
  • Participated with the National Planning Council work team in 2014 in rewriting the national strategy for small and medium enterprises.
  • He is currently participating as an expert in the following committees: The National Committee for Digital Transformation - The Digital Transformation Working Group of the National Council for Economic Development - The Working Group for Formulating Libya's Science and Technology Parks Strategy - The Digital Identity Working Group.

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