Workshop entitled (Finance and Investment Formulas in Islamic Banks)

On Tuesday, 7/3/2023, a workshop was held in the college theater under the supervision of the Department of Islamic Economics and Prof. Murad Ibrahim, a faculty member in the department under the title (Modules of Financing and Investment in Islamic Banks)

The symposium was opened with a speech by the Dean of the College, Dr. Fawzi Al-Ghariani and Mr. Head of the Department of Islamic Economics a. Al-Taher bin Hamed and d. Khaled Abu Zeid, former head of the Department of Islamic Economics and current dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

The workshop discussed several topics, namely:

Introducing the establishment of banks and the definition of Islamic financing and investment formulas, including a brief explanation of each formula, a brief explanation of Murabaha for the purchase orderer.

The workshop included a panel discussion that included questions and inquiries about the topic of the workshop.

The workshop came out with several recommendations for financial institutions and Islamic banks.