An extraordinary meeting to approve the guide for developing and accrediting undergraduate and postgraduate programs

Today, Thursday morning, corresponding to March 9, 2023 AD, the Dean of the College of Science, "Professor Dr. Ramadan Al-Jadi", the Vice Dean of the College, "Professor Dr. Jamal Andir", the heads of the scientific departments of the College, and members of the Committee for Developing (Guide for the Development and Accreditation of Undergraduate Studies Programs) met today, Thursday, March 9, 2023.  And higher in the College of Science) the problem decision of Mr. A.  Dr..  Dean of the College of Science No. (40) for the year 2022 AD, in order to discuss and approve the aforementioned guide.

 The Dean of the College opened the discussion by welcoming the heads of the departments, and praised the great effort by the committee to put this guide into practice as a criterion for developing and approving undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the College.

 The guide was presented by the committee to the attendees, and after discussion and dialogue, it was adopted as a standard for any department wishing to develop undergraduate or graduate studies programs at the college.