Quality and Performance Evaluation Office

Word Of the Manager Quality and Performance Evaluation Office

First of all, the QPEO extends appreciates the efforts of all university staff who seeks to fulfill the aspirations and ambitions of the University of Tripoli for the sake of a distinguished education. It appreciates the efforts that rises to the ambition of our youth and serves our society through achieving comprehensive and continuous sustainable development.


The QPEO of the University of Tripoli seeks to develop a comprehensive plan to improve and develop the university's administrative, academic and research work according to well-studied scientific foundations. The plan is intended to achieve excellence and leadership in the fields of education, scientific research, community service and the environment. It shall also advance the appearance of the University of Tripoli in the international classifications of academic institutions. The development steps and endeavors of the Office ensure great success in achieving sustainable community development goals.

The Office understands that the task is difficult, but it will not be impossible, with the grace of Allah Almighty first, and then with the support, experience and competence of all faculty members at the University as well as our students.


It aspires to be the university's guide towards local, regional and international distinction in the fields of education, scientific research, community service and the environment. 


The Office seeks to encourage good practice and conduct and to push for continuous improvement of performance in various forms, up to the level of international standards.


The Office, through its strategic plan, aims at:


-          Ensuring quality and good practices

-          Developing the university's quality organizational structure

-          Improving the quality of academic performance at the university

-          Improving the quality of administrative performance at the university

-          Improving the quality of research performance, community service and the environment

Achieving academic accreditation and progress in international ranking


The QPEO’s main values are to guide all decision-making processes and instill the spirit of cooperative work. These values include:


-          Teamwork

-          Professionalism and mastery

-          Justice and integrity

-          Accountability and transparency

-          Creativity and innovation

Recognition of distinction 


The QPEO at the University of Tripoli has the following duties:


-          Proposing standards related to university education, submitting them for accreditation and following-up


-          Proposing performance standards and quality control for the university’s educational components related to staff, curricula, laboratories, buildings, facilities, administrations, and performance appraisal processes


-          Supervising the exchange of information with local, regional and international specialized agencies, comparing the standards applied to universities and colleges and developing our units accordingly


-          Proposing work procedures and guidelines for developing performance and ensuring the quality of university education


-          Conducting and participating in field studies to approach the needs of the labor market, and making recommendations accordingly


Preparing periodic and annual follow-up reports on the office's activities

Organizational Structure for Quality and Performance Evaluation Office

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