Master in Division of Human Geography

faculty of Arts Tripoli - Department of Geography and Geographic Information Systems


     The master's program in human geography focuses on preparing researchers in the fields of urban and regional planning, housing studies, population and services, transportation, political studies, and the use of geographical techniques in the spatial analysis of various human phenomena.



1.    It provides excellent educational opportunities for students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies locally. Focuses on the knowledge and technical development in the science of geography, especially in the field of urban planning, population, political issues, environmental problems, maps, geographic information systems and statistical analysis.

2.  Preparing human cadres to contribute to scientific research and meet the needs of the Libyan labor market in related disciplines.

3. Cooperate with the relevant authorities to prepare studies and provide consultations on issues related to the Libyan society.

4.  Encouraging scientific research and training geographers in applied field research and developing their capabilities in the field of using modern geographical techniques.

5.   Contribute to the dissemination of geographic scientific research techniques such as geographic information systems and remote sensing and their applications in the field of geographic reality analysis.

6.   Linking the relationship with the relevant institutions at home and abroad.

7.  Continuous development of curricula in line with the nature of specialization and the requirements of the labor market.


1- Preparing qualified graduates in the fields of education, scientific research and community service.

2- Preparing researchers in the fields of geographical studies related to population, regional planning, maps and geographical techniques.

3- Preparing researchers who contribute to the development of public and private sector institutions.

Certificate Rewarded

     The department grants a master's degree after completing (36) study units and passing the dissertation exam.

Entry Reuirements

1.  The student must have a Libyan university degree in the same specialization or its equivalent from universities recognized by the competent authority for equivalence of certificates. It is permissible to accept students who hold university degrees related to the department’s specialization, provided that they are loaded with remedial or complementary materials determined by the department.

2.  The student must pass the written and oral exam determined by the department.

3. Admission takes place according to the capacity of the department to accommodate students, according to the available capabilities.

4. Non-Libyan students may be accepted according to the conditions set by the competent authorities.

5.    The approval of the employer.

6. Compliance with all regulations and legislation in force in Libyan universities and the internal regulations of the college.

Study Plan

The Master in Division of Human Geography prepares students to qualify for Master in Division of Human Geography. The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 3 Semesters of study, in which the student will study a total of 36 units, which include 18 units of general subjects, and 18 major units

Study plan for this program is shown below:

Elective Subjects

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
جع ع 503 Energy resources 03 Compulsory +

The course deals with the importance of energy sources, which are one of the pillars of economic progress in the world, with a focus on developing the sense of oil and other energy sources because of their importance, with the need to shed light on how to extract, manufacture and export some energy resources to know the importance of each energy source and its advantages and disadvantages.

جغ ع 501 Geographical Methodology 03 Compulsory +

This course deals with the scientific and methodological foundations to prepare postgraduate students (master’s) scientifically and practically to write solid scientific research in general and the master’s thesis in particular, with a focus on the types of scientific research methodologies and their importance in postgraduate studies and their multiple applications, in addition to the necessity of defining the qualities and capabilities of a good researcher. And successful. And the steps used to prepare the complete scientific research and all the details and procedures, and the method of documenting the sources of information.

جغ ع 502 Survey and maps 03 Compulsory +

The course contains the study of how natural and human surface phenomena are expressed in an easy manner with the speed of information transfer, and the use of survey operations and cartographic representation to reach results with a spatial relationship between one phenomenon and another, given that each phenomenon has a characteristic represented in its value and then its spatial distribution, in addition to introducing the idea of ​​cartographic treatment of various phenomena in a statistical way, that is, placing the tangible reality on the map, given that the map is a collection of combined sources (old maps, aerial photos, field studies, and statistical sources) and then the optimal methods for analysis.

جغ ع 504 Geographical Thought 03 Compulsory +

The course deals with the views of modern and contemporary geographical thought, and the role of modern and contemporary geographical thought in building the geographical personality, in addition to the most important research and topics taught in this course and modern research methods related to the development of modern and contemporary geographical thought.

جغ ع 505 Geographic information systems 03 Compulsory +

The course includes the possibility of identifying the technology of geographic information systems, in addition to the best way to use spatial technology in geographical studies, while identifying the possibility of applying geographic information systems in state institutions and training students to use the (Arc Gis) program.

جغ ع 506 Geographical statistics 03 Compulsory +

The course deals with methods of using statistical methods in analyzing geographical data and the possibility of extracting scientific facts from statistical results in order to reach scientific conclusions that can be compared and tested to achieve scientific and practical benefit in the field of planning and human development.

جغ ع 513 Housing Studies 03 Compulsory +

This course deals with the issue of housing, the housing problem, the factors affecting it, housing strategies in developing countries, and how the housing plan is prepared and implemented, with a special focus on housing problems in Libya and ways to address the difficulties facing it.

جغ ع 514 Economic Geography 03 Compulsory +

The course contains the study of basic concepts and terminology related to advanced economic geography, as well as theories related to the locations of economic activities in order to understand and analyze spatial differences in the issue of the distribution of agricultural, industrial and technical production, in addition to studying the relationship between population and natural resources, and understanding and analyzing population growth rates, distribution and composition, and their relationship to economic geography.

جغ ع 515 Regional Planning 03 Compulsory +

The course deals with an idea about the development of regional planning and its uses, the mechanism of defining planning regions, and giving a detailed picture of spatial development planning in Libya, while introducing students to models of planning types in some countries of the world and training them on methods of preparing regional development plans.

جغ ع 516 Population and development 03 Compulsory +

The course deals with the problem of the relationship between population and development (a historical overview) and touches on population indicators related to human development with the use of some population equations and their application to Libya and a study of the demographic window and how to invest it, development and its patterns, aspects and most prominent terms, with the need to refer to human development reports (national and international) and conduct Scientific readings about it and methods of measuring development (theoretical models and basic concepts about the relationship between population and resources). The course concludes with the concept of population policies and the factors influencing them and their methods.

جغ ع 517 Political Geography 03 Compulsory +

This course deals with a set of knowledge information in political science related to politics, geopolitics, strategy and international relations so that the student acquires the necessary skills to solve problems related to political science and is able to conduct applied research related to political geography, in addition to studying the development of political geography, geographical schools and research methods in geography Political, natural and human components of the state, understanding strategic theories, in addition to defining what the World Bank is, regional markets and groupings, and international organizations.

جغ ع 518 Field study 03 Compulsory +

The course contains a series of techniques for studying field and research work, mapping and data processing, and training students on field study methods and techniques to acquire geographical vocabulary through direct observation.