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Dr. Emad Gamati, has started working for the ministry of High Vocational Education in 1994, then moved to the High Education ministry in 2004 (Almergb University as Dean of Faculty of Literature & Science), and started working at the university of Tripoli in 2015. Dr. Gamati is an experienced innovative senior human capital and capacity building (Vocational Education and learning Advising, organization development), higher education, and digital development. Having a Ph.D. in Computer Information systems (MIS, e-Business, e-Learning) with a proven record of accomplishment of professional industry-academic experience in the learning strategy, design, development, delivery, evaluation, talent, and performance management. His expertise spans areas: 1) Human Capabilities Management, Corporate Learning & Development, Training & Consultancy. In addition to R&D activities and programs: career, professional, talent management, succession planning, and leadership development programs for all administration disciplines. Also, designing and delivering MIS for HR, commercial, IT, FIN, and Medical institutions (Including coaching and training). 2) Business Process Re-engineering: business strategy, strategic planning, business analysis, business processes, organizational charts & structures, policies and procedures, and digital transformation. 3) Higher Education Consultancy: Educational Leadership- Leadership, Strategic Planning & Development, Innovation, Technology, Follow-up, and Management, Various Educational Systems and Modes, Design and Development of Academic Programs, Continuing Education, Training, Instructional Design, Training Materials. 4) Monitoring and Evaluating: Auditing, Licensing, and accrediting education institutions, academic programs, and general public programs, including e-Learning mode, Learning programs & course portfolios against well-defined metrics. An integrated approach to administrative and support units for the academic success of students. 5) Digital Education: Educational Technology, Learning Environment, e-Learning, Platforms & LMS. Educational Technology likes (but is not limited to) learning environments, Oracle ERP, Odoo ERP, VLE, Moodle, e-Learning, & Learning Management Systems.


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Anisa F. Elbokhare, EmadEddin A. Gamati (4-2017)
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Anisa F. Elbokhare, EmadEddin Gamati, Amani M.Soliman (12-2019)
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