Department of Geography Faculty of Education Bin Ghesheer

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Hawa Mosbah Abdelrazag Altonsee


Master degree

Academic Rank

Assistant Lecturer


Mrs. Hawa is one of the faculty members in the Department of Geography, Faculty of Education, Qasrbin Ghashir. She has been working as a lecturer in teaching several courses in the department since 2020, including: Human Geography - Natural Geography - The Development of Geographical Thought - Libya's Natural and Human Geography - Geographical Terminology - Natural Resources - Environmental Pollution - Geography Sea and oceans - geography of water - geography of urbanization. In addition to academic supervision of practical education students, as well as supervision and discussion of graduation projects.


Mrs. Hawaa worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Geography since 2012, and in 2013 she was sent to study abroad to obtain a master's degree on 4/2/2018, then she returned to work as a teaching assistant in the department in 2019 to change her status as a faculty member in the department on 3/9/2020

Research Interests

Mrs. Eve was interested in the human side of geography, especially urban planning


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Mrs. Eve has no external activities

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All since 2017


Master Thesis

أ.حواء مصباح عبدالرازق التونسي (4-2018)
كلية الآداب جامعة المنصورة مصر, 1(0), الصفحات 1-400