Department of Geography Faculty of Education Bin Ghesheer

Full name

malak hassan twfek sagar


Doctor of Phiosophy

Academic Rank

Associate Professor


malak sagar is one of the staff members at the department of 1 faculty of 15. He is working as a since 2013-09-15. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.

Corrdenitor of exame and the teaching program of the geographical department since 2014 till now  2022   of the panal evalution of promational teaching staff in faculty of geography at gaser ben gasher and external  memmber of domestic and abroad similar panales. Supervisore of graduation projects and practical pedogogy


teacher of geography at scondray school from 1988/2000

Supervisor  and instractor at the education minster from 2000 till 2006

Member of the teaching staff at faculty of pedagogy at university of Tripoli/gaser ben gashir 2006

Temporary incharge of English divison of the faculty2007

Head of geography department at same faculty 2007 till 2010

Corrdenitor of exame and the teaching program of the geographical department since 2014 till now 202

Research Interests

Scientific publications and research work:

aFirst geographical conference at al fateh university faculty of geography {illegal imegration in north Africa} 2001

A comparison study between the public and privat health services.published in magazin of human and social science.2015

Geologestic technology conference {the disterbuations of blood groups in gaser ben gashir region } dec/2016

Pedagogy science magazine: Libyan association of strategic educational programs first edition june 2017 the presented pepar {the use of gps in the emergencies .tripoli center as example}

The magazine of research in human and social sciens published in the third edt june 2017 a comparison study in meat consummation negative health impacts between coast cities and desrt cities

The magazine of research in humah and social sciens 4th edt December 2017 pub title :awerness of the location of the Libyan cities on the map

The magazinof research in human and social sciens 5th edt.the relation between the study year and the skills of drawn Libyan map{ applaied practical sudy on faclty students}.june 2018

The scientific magazine fo pedogogy faculty of zawia university 15th edt sept 2019 the health impacts of the road traffic accidants on population fo gaser ben gashir

The magazine of human and social sciens 10th edt the disterbution of COVID_19 in libya _dec 2020

The Libyan society of education sciens firstt conference _nov 2022 titel the level of medical education among Libyan teachers at intermediat school {gurgi distrect Tripoli

External Activities

Member ot the team founders of the Libyan foundation of water 2012.

Member of the expert panal of the Libyan magazine of education sciens 2016.

Member of the national contact committe at national diseas control during COVID _19 during pandemic march 2020.

Member of the scientific panal at international conference of trends and applaied modern trends in of misan /Iraq 15_17_apr 2021.

Member of the scientific panal of the 2d conference of pedogogy faculty title the requirement of the pedogogy to cope with the new know _how.

Member of the expert panal of the 2d conference at sirt faculty of pedagogy university of sirt .the education devolpment of essential level.22/24_feb 2022.

Member of the high commission of the evalution of educational programs and terminology formed by the high eduction minister for the Libyan universities2022.

Member of the scientific panal of 2d conference which will be held in misan faculty of pedagogy Iraq under the name of the challenges of geographical sciens in the 21 century.

Social activites including special interes:

Member of al serage al monir charity

Held 1/3 of the holly quran

Itermediat level of English language

High diploma of fahion design from higher institute of art from London institute of higher education of fashion and design

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ملاك حسن الصقر (12-2020)
مجلة العلوم الانسانية الصادرة عن كلية الأداب الخمس, 10(0)
ملاك حسن الصقر , هنية علي الدرهوبي (6-2018)
مجلة العلوم الانسانية الصادرة عن كلية الأداب الخمس, 5(0)
ملاك حسن الصقر , نجاة عياد الفلاح (12-2017)
مجلة العلوم الانسانية الصادرة عن كلية الأداب الخمس, 4(0)
ملاك حسن الصقر (6-2016)
مجلة بحوث العلوم الانسانية والاجتماعية, 1(0)

PhD Thesis

Master Thesis

ملاك حسن الصقر (7-2003)
جامعة الفاتح ( سابقاً ) جامعة طرابلس حالياً