Bachelor in Philosophy

faculty of Arts Tripoli - Department of Philosophy


Since the establishment of the Department of (Philosophy) at the University of Tripoli as one of the departments of the College of Education in 1971-1972 AD, today the Department of (Philosophy) includes a group of professors specialized in the field of philosophy and thought in general. accredited by the university. It also grants a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in philosophy in its various disciplines, according to a well-studied and approved scientific program. The Department of Philosophy adopts a policy of preparing local human cadres who are scientifically and intellectually qualified. To contribute to community development.


1-Linking the university to community issues and local and global aspirations. 

2- Scientific and academic qualification, and development of quality culture. 

3- Work to create a mentally open generation who are independent and utilize constructive thinking in judging community issues and challenges. 

4-Graduation of intellectually and politically qualified cadres to work in official State departments and civil society institutions, and to contribute to the service of society and the environment.


The outputs of the philosophy department are based on the preparation of a qualifying educational program, through which it seeks to promote intellectual personality, develop intellectual independence, introduce cultural and intellectual heritage, and open up the horizons for reflection on issues that have constantly preoccupied human thought from ancient times to contemporary times. In addition, it seeks to develop areas of scientific and political research, through creative participation in scientific research that contributes to addressing many issues and solving the problems facing our society today. 

Certificate Rewarded

Bachelor degree in Philosophy

Entry Reuirements

1- A student must be a holder of a general or specialized secondary certificate or equivalent certificates recognized by the competent authority of recognition. 

2- The regular student shall be full-time in the college, shall not be enrolled in any other college or institute, and shall be subject to the requirements of the relevant department in accordance to their capacity. 

3- .a student’s percentage should not be less than the percentage determined by the University of Tripoli, which is announced annually and shortly after the announcement of the results of the specialized secondary examinations in their respective roles and so forth. 

4- International students may be admitted to scholarships at the community expense in accordance with the grounds and rules for admission of Libyan students. The College's People's Committee may set conditions for the admission of non-Libyan students to study at their own expense in accordance with the legislation in force. 

5- International applicants are committed to pay fees and tuition expenses in accordance with the regulations, decisions and legislation of the University. 

6- A student must be healthy, free of infectious diseases and able to pursue theoretical and practical lessons.

  7- A student must pass the personal interview exam successfully in the sections that require it. 

Study Plan

The Bachelor in Philosophy prepares students to qualify for Bachelor in Philosophy. The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 9 Semesters of study, in which the student will study a total of 120 units, which include 16 units of general subjects, and 94 major units, 12 of elective units. In addition to a final project in the student's major.

Study plan for this program is shown below:

1st Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
102 Philosophical terms 02 Compulsory +

103 02 Compulsory +

104 02 Compulsory +

105 02 Compulsory +

101 02 Compulsory +

2nd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
107 Greek philosophy -B 02 Compulsory +

406 02 Compulsory +

113 02 Compulsory +

401 02 Compulsory +

202 02 Compulsory +

304 02 Compulsory +

3rd Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
503 Modern philosophy -A 02 Compulsory +

506 02 Compulsory +

404 02 Compulsory +

403 02 Compulsory +

114 02 Compulsory +

4th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
402 02 Compulsory +

115 02 Compulsory +

405 02 Compulsory +

606 02 Compulsory +

501 Philosophy of science - A 02 Compulsory +

303 02 Compulsory +

5th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
601 02 Compulsory +

706 02 Compulsory +

707 02 Compulsory +

604 02 Compulsory +

602 02 Compulsory +

116 02 Compulsory +

6th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
109 02 Elective +

803 02 Compulsory +

701 02 Compulsory +

702 02 Compulsory +

704 02 Compulsory +

7th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
804 02 Compulsory +

110 02 Elective +

111 02 Elective +

802 02 Compulsory +

305 02 Compulsory +

8th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
605 02 Compulsory +

801 02 Compulsory +

705 02 Compulsory +

703 02 Compulsory +

608 02 Compulsory +

9th Semester

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
708 Economic philosophy -B 02 Compulsory +

603 02 Compulsory +

505 02 Compulsory +

805 02 Compulsory +

807 04 Compulsory +