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The Department of Philosophy is considered one of the most important educational programs included in the College of Arts - University of Tripoli. The department grants a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy for the student’s completion of 120 units in the open semester system, approved by the university, according to a well-studied scientific program. The Department of Philosophy adopts a policy of determining qualified local human cadres. scientifically and intellectually; To contribute to development, the department also seeks permanently to develop its programs in a way that achieves its goals and is in line with scientific developments in local universities, by adopting summary programs that seek expertise, the field of study in the field of postgraduate studies in local universities .

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Bachelor - Philosophy

Since the establishment of the Department of (Philosophy) at the University of Tripoli as one of the departments of the College of Education in 1971-1972...

Master - Philosophy

-Providing the student with a critical view of what the various philosophical currents and doctrines deal with. - Developing the ability to analyze...

PhD - Philosophy

1- Preparing cadres who have the ability to spread knowledge and cultural awareness in our local and Arab societies by giving intellectual lectures and...


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Department of Philosophy has more than 15 academic staff members

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walid omar mohamed seyour