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            About the department:

      The Department of English Language is considered one of the leading departments in the College of Arts, like the rest of the departments of the College, due to the development that the College is witnessing and keeping up with the movement of progress in scientific research locally, regionally, and internationally recently. This department is characterized by receiving large numbers of students annually and their urgent desire to study. This is because of the right selection of modern curricula in the English language and the diversity of teaching methods and subjects.

      The hard work spent on the educational system in the Department of English made a stamp of success which was reflected in the department’s outputs at the local and international levels either in translation or in English literature. 

     The department was reopened in 2009 with the Literature Division only, and in 2011 the Translation Division was opened. The Literature Division covers 63 courses, and the student is required to gain 122 units to fulfill the graduation requirements. As for the translation department, a student has to study 65 courses and must gain 126 units to fulfill the graduation requirements. 

       There are many courses in the two divisions between general courses, specialized obligatory subjects, non-specialized obligatory subjects, and supporting / elective subjects. These courses were formed and designed by specialized scientific committees inside and outside the department and a subject to periodic evaluation according to local and international quality standards.

       The multiplicity of courses in the department and their diversity according to the two divisions serve the students of the department at the university level and even after their graduation, as they encourage them to do scientific research, learn languages, get acquainted with their manners and cultures of their peoples, and enhance their self-confidence. 

        There is also a branch of the department at the Al-Suwani College of Arts. Both of them graduate graduated with competencies, holders of a BA in English Literature and a BA in Translation.

        The distance education program was opened in this department in the spring semester of 2010, and the Faculty of Arts was the forerunner in that. The e-learning program was also activated in 2020. About 65 educational channels were established on the Telegram application covering all the courses of the two divisions with complete digital content and communication channels under the supervision of the study and examination coordinator and periodic reports that followed the broadcasts of educational lessons and evaluation of the general performance of the electronic educational process.

     In 2022, the MA program was activated: for the English Literature and Translation Studies programs.

       The department is keen to encourage scientific research locally and internationally, as it held its first international conference, marked "Activating educational technology and smart learning and teaching environments in university education" in " Rasheed Kaabbar "amphitheater on 20/21-December 2022. Approximately 50 participants from most local universities participated in it. All their scientific papers were published in the conference folder.


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Department of English Language has more than 35 academic staff members

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Musa Masoud Mohamed BenZayed

Musa BenZayed is one of the staff members at the department of 6 faculty of 13. He is working as a since 2017-09-10. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.