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About Department of Arabic Language

The Department of Arabic Language is one of the first scientific departments in the University of Tripoli. It was established to teach Arabic language and  Arabic literature, also Islamic sciences in various branches. To contribute to raise the efficiency of those who work in the Arabic language in education, media, and all other activities.

The Department of Arabic Language  was established in the mid-sixties of the last century, and it was initially affiliated with the Higher Teachers College, which was later called the College of Education.

Facts about Department of Arabic Language

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PhD - Arabic Literature studies

PhD programme in Arabic Literature studies prepares students intellectually and scientifically to study literature and to  do research in  its...

PhD - Linguistic

PhD programme in Linguistics equips students with the scientific and intellectual skills necessary to study and to do research in language issues through...

Master - Arabic Literature studies

Master's degree in Literature studies  programme prepares students scientifically and intellectually,  and qualifies students to study and...


Who works at the Department of Arabic Language

Department of Arabic Language has more than 38 academic staff members

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altaher mohammed almahde ben laga