Opening the door for admission to postgraduate studies (Masters)

The Office of Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tripoli announces the opening of initial admission for the academic year 2023/2024 in the following majors:

 1/ Common law

 2/ Private Law

 3/ Criminal law.

 This is according to the following terms and conditions:

 First: The door for accepting initial files will open from Thursday 1/6/2023 in the Graduate Studies Office at the Faculty of Law / University of Tripoli.

 Second: Students are required to accept the following:

 1/ The student should have obtained a bachelor’s degree in law or in law and Sharia from a recognized university.

 2/ The student must pass the admission exams decided by the college.

 Third: Bring a paper file that is completely non-returnable, including the following documents

 1/ Bachelor’s degree statement attached to the transcript, certified by quality (original for matching + copy for registration).

 2 copies of the national number + 4 personal photos.

 3 Fill in the relevant form.

 Files are accepted at the Office of Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Law / University of Tripoli from nine o'clock until one o'clock in the afternoon..