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The establishment of the Faculty of Information Technology was necessary to keep pace with the development taking place in the world in the field of computer and informatics. The Faculty includes the following scientific disciplines: computer networks, information systems, software engineering, internet technologies, mobile computing, and computer network. The Faculty teaches modern scientific and technological concepts to contribute to the development of the educational process and push it to the highest level in order to achieve success. The Faculty actively keeps updating the academic curricula of all departments in a way that responds to modern international standards for these disciplines (IS, IEEE, ACM), and in order to give additional value to the Faculty and its outputs. New scientific programs have been developed in response to the needs of the labor market for modern specializations such as mobile computing, information systems and Internet technologies. These programs add up positively to the bachelor degree of the university. It increases competitiveness in the available jobs. These programs, at the Faculty, had been approved by the University Council and work began in 2014-2015.


Due to the encouragement of graduate studies and scientific research at the university, the Faculty decided to design and establish a master's program in computer networks and software engineering to be approved as well, and its implementation will begin next year.


The Faculty aims, through its distinguished academic programs and the professional academic climate, to provide students with the theoretical and practical information necessary to develop their intellectual capabilities and enable them to actively contribute and participate in society and in the local labor market.


The Faculty created a website that continuously publishes all events and news related to the Faculty. It gives an idea of ​​its activities and achievements, to be a link between the Faculty and its students.  It also enhances communication with world institutions. 


The Faculty aspires to be a scientifically distinguished college, both at the local and regional levels. It actively contributes to community service, development and renaissance.


The Faculty supports scientific research and provides appropriate environment for the production, teaching and application of knowledge to serve individuals and society.


The Faculty of Information Technology aims at


·         Qualifying scientific competencies and skills in the field of information technology to meet the needs of society.

·         Providing technical advice to state institutions and civil society.

·         Establishing partnerships with corresponding educational institutions working in the field of information technology to support our educational and training programs.

Holding conferences, seminars, workshops and courses in various fields of information technology.

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