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The Department of Mining Engineering was established in the year 1974 AD within the departments of the College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering at that time to prepare engineers specialized in the fields of detecting, evaluating, and extraction of mineral resources.

The research department has more than 10 faculty members in different disciplines managing the scientific program. The curricula of mining engineering students have been prepared to contain general sciences and basic engineering sciences such as surveying, fluid mechanics, thermal transfer and electrical engineering, which enables them to understand the branches of their precise specialization such as rock mechanics, drilling, explosives technology, ore extraction and transportation, in addition to a good knowledge of mining economics, processing of raw materials and evaluating Mining equipment.

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Bachelor - Mining Engineering

The program is concerned with introducing the basics and principles of mining economics and determining the economic feasibility of operations in the mining industry....

Master - Mining Engineering

The department awards M. Sc. Degree in 3 discipline programs: 1- Mineral Exploration   2- Geomechanical and Tunneling Engineering3- Ore DressingEvery program is comprised of minimum 24 credits of courses, 1 credit for graduate seminar, and 6 credits for the thesis with a total...


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Department of Mining Engineering has more than 9 academic staff members

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Masoud Mohmed Abd Al rhman hanbola

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