Dr. GiumaBelgasium

Department of Geological Engineering Faculty of Engineering

Full name

Dr. Giuma Hedwi Swei Belgasium


Doctor of Phiosophy

Academic Rank

Assistant Professor


Dr. Giuma Belgasium is one of the staff members at the department of Geological Engineering, faculty of Engineering. He has been a lecturer since 2010-01-13. He teaches several subjects in his major-miner and has several publications in the field of his interest.

After more than 16 years at Tripoli university and previously Principal Lecturer, Dr. Belgasium now works full-time as a Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research) in the Department of geological engineering.

 His teachings have largely focused on sedimentology, petroleum geology and formation evaluation, and he has both developed and led programs and modules at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level in this field. He currently delivers postgraduate lectures at the university's request in his specialist research topics which include sequence stratigraphy and the petroleum production/technology service interface.  Dr. Belgasium has for many years combined teaching with research, in addition to championing and performing research-led teaching.


Prior to joining Tripoli University , Dr. Belgasium worked for over fifteen years in the Oil and Petroleum industry with Sirt Oil Company, in both exploration and development sectors.  He also served as the geological Concession coordinator at Sirt Oil Company and as well as a researcher in the Petroleum Research Centre before finally becoming a full time University professor.

Research Interests

Dr. Belgasium is classified as highly research active and has published in the Journal of Petroleum Geology,  A 1.872 impact factor journal. He was also published in the European Journal of Geoscience. He currently has a number of manuscripts under review and is working with postgraduate students on projects covering a wide range of areas. His supervisory work is located broadly in the field of geology and petroleum geology.

External Activities

Over the past twelve years Dr. Belgasium has been a regular postgraduate manuscript reviewer for a variety of national journals. He has also reviewed contributions for a range of geoscience conferences, most frequently for the Academy of Tripoli for Postgraduate Studies.

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