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About Department of Geological Engineering

Geological Engineering Department was established in 1972, and it is one of the main departments of Faculty of Engineering. One of the most important goals of the department is to graduate qualified geological engineers in the fields of groundwater, mineral resources, petrophysics and geotechnical engineering, in addition to being an advisory institution for society by providing scientific studies and technical reports for geological engineering projects.The Department includes four divisions: Water Resources, Petrophysics, Mineral Resources and Geotechnical Engineering. It currently has more than 18 faculty members who teach and do research in various fields of geological engineering. A number of teaching assistants and laboratory engineers and administrators also contribute in the department’s work.

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Bachelor - Bachelor of Geological Engineering

The Bachelor will be awarded upon the successful completion of 156 credits. All students must successfully complete 95 credits of core courses, 15 credits of elective courses, and 15 credits of general courses.The study plan is scheduled as below:...

Master - Geological engineering

Geological Engineering Department (GEOE) was founded as one of the six departments at the Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering in 1972, and then joined Faculty of Engineering in 1985. The Department has a rich tradition of leadership in the geosciences, preparing students for professional...


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Department of Geological Engineering has more than 21 academic staff members

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Giuma Hedwi Swei Belgasium

Giuma Belgasium is one of the staff members at the department of 7 faculty of 2. He is working as a since 2011-01-13. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.