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Prof.Dr. Ramadan Taher Belgasem Dboba


Doctor of Phiosophy

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Ramadan Dboba is one of the staff members at the department of architecture & urban Planning faculty of Engineering. He is working as a since 1978-09-18. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several publications in the field of his interest. Statement of Research Interest: My research interest is in the city planning and architecture; City planning development, urban design, urban morphology and its development through history. Subjects like rehabilitation of traditional towns, urban settlements, urban spatial analysis, building representation, and urban housing development guided many of my previous research papers. International developments seminars, urban planning, and urban development courses sparked my interest in investigating further aspects that have impact on sustainability of town planning proposals and housing developments in Libya. The complexity of issues involved in planning and architectural design process encouraged me to continue research efforts. There are still serious challenges confronting architectural and planning professional practice and research in Libya. Choosing the right topic, collecting data, finding research sponsor are some examples. Three major periods marked the development of my research endeavor. The first commenced during my graduate study and focused on architecture theory and criticism. The aim was to critically discuss the practice of architecture in Libya as manifested in real projects. This was done through writing several papers and articles. Some of this wok was published in engineering society magazine and a weekly newspaper during the early 1990s. The second period started in 1999 when I worked as urban planner consultant with UNDP project for the rehabilitation of the Old City of Ghadames. In this project, a chance was taken to do research work that led to formulate and implement several planning and design principles for enhancing the quality of life in one of the World Heritage City in Libya. The third period begun in 2005 when Third Generation Planning Project was undertaking by the Libyan Government. An objective of this project was to prepare spatial development reports on regional level, sub-regional level and urban level for four Libyan regions, Tripoli region, Benghazi region, Fezzan Region and Al-Khaleej region. Al Khaleej Region contract was given to the University Engineering Consultant Office (UECO), Tripoli, Libya. My work as a part time urban planning consultant with UECO, gave me the opportunity to explore more the subject of urban planning and urban design elements and their role in creating better living environment. Third generation planning project for Al Khaleej Region, in Libya allowed me to sharpen my views on the complexity of aspects related to sustainable urban development and urban design in Libya and the investigation of urban structure components. My latest research paper focused on Urban and Housing Development in Oil Concession Areas in Al Khaleej Region in Libya. The paper examined the dangers of oil production activities on surrounding settlements, natural environment and future quality of life & built environment. It also tried to highlight the overall importance of promoting sustainable economic and spatial development for Libyan towns located near oil fields. Future extension of many urban settlements located on or in close proximity to oil concession area presents a big challenge to planners, politicians and local residents. Several recommendations were presented to guide future spatial development in this type of locale.


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Conference paper

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