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Othman Maklouf is one of the staff members at the faculty of Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering Department since 2013-09-12. He is teaching several subjects in guidance, navigation, and control. He has several publications in the field of his interest.


Some of publications in Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Design of two-spar wing of an aircraft for minimum weight

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Saleh R. Abdussalam Gashoot, T.S. Patel(9-1983)
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Optimization of Drilling Cost for Oil and Gas Wells by analyzing drilling rate Parameters

Abstract The objective of this study is to formulate a drilling cost model which incorporates the drilling parameters, encountered during drilling operation of the petroleum well. This model is coupled with the selected drilling rate model proposed by Bourgoyne & Young, in order to predict the bit rotating time utilized in this model. The new drilling cost model was formulated using actual drilling data collected from thirteen wells selected in three oil fields in Sirte Basin (Ghani, Zenad, and Ed Dib).The drilling engineer can use drilling correlations in the planning stages of a well to help evaluate various drilling parameters encountered during drilling operations in order to update the proposal drilling plan and to evaluate any deviations from original projections. The gathered information will help selecting the best completion strategies as well as gaining experiences in the drilled area which will be the basis for the planning of future drilling activities in the area.
عزالدين أحمد أحمد (2009)
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Investigating the elastomechanical properties of stiffened panels used in airframes, ships and ballistics

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Saleh R. Abdussalam Gashoot, Sabra F. Girgis(12-1991)
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