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Based on the importance of planning in contemporary organizations, the foundations of the department were lost in the year 2000. The Financial Planning Department seeks to provide high efficiency in this vital field for organizations and institutions in all their forms. The Financial Planning Department aspires to be a distinguished and pioneering department in the field of financial planning so that it achieves a position in this field. It has the ability to provide advisory services and local expertise. It also aims to expand the graduate studies program for the master’s level. The department is also committed to educational standards and providing advanced and modern educational services that are compatible with local and Arab standards by attracting scientific competencies with distinguished expertise, which contributes to raising the level of the educational process.

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Bachelor - Financial Planing

The financial planning major is one of the most important economics and business specializations in the field of business. The scheme plays an important role in predicting the necessary information, which often represents the basis for the administrative decision in institutions and the state, and...


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