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About Department of Financing and Banking

Based on the importance of finance in contemporary organizations, the Finance and Banking Department was established in the year 2000. The department seeks to provide high efficiency in this vital field for administrative and financial organizations in all its forms. With the needs of the labor market and able to carry out financial development and the advancement of community institutions to achieve the purpose for which they were prepared and to work on preparing and qualifying administrative leaders who are able to take responsibility in facing economic challenges and bringing about human development to create a society of prosperity and prosperity.

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Bachelor - Finance and banking

  The Department of Finance and Banking was established during the fall semester of 2000, and it is considered one of the largest and most important majors in the college, and it provides highly qualified university cadres for the community and the labor market in very important areas in finance,...

Master - Finance and Banking

The Master's Program in Finance and Banking is a high-level educational program that provides a set of study materials and skills that help students learn about financial planning, financial management, investments, advanced financial services, insurance, social financial services, health insurance,...


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Department of Financing and Banking has more than 36 academic staff members

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Huda bashir Ali Attwergy